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Why choose Almora Botanica?

Discover the story behind our natural, 100% vegan skincare

Meet Ravi

“Ayurveda is my passion and my life devotion. At its core is the goal to live healthier and more mindfully. With Almora Botanica, I wanted to develop one of the cleanest and purest lines of skincare and wellness products, offering the highest quality of Ayurvedic and adaptogenic ingredients, validated by modern science.”

Co-Founder & CEO of Almora Botanica

almora botanica

Nature's finest,

in the Himalayas

ALMORA is a region nestled in the Himalayan mountains, famous for its remarkable biodiversity. Across the millennia, its unique plant ecosystem has evolved and adapted to become resistant to the most extreme climatic conditions. 

These powerful adaptogenic plants help the skin to manage stress and restore balance and are an integrative part of our truly unique Almora Botanica skincare formulations.

almora botanica

Ancient traditions,

modern perspectives

Almora Botanica goes beyond skin deep, empowering everyone to live beauty to the fullest by reconnecting mind, body, and skin.

We have researched the most effective Ayurvedic botanical ingredients and adaptogens, harnessing their potent powers – such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties – within our skincare. What’s more, our SAPTA COMPLEX © delivery system is both ultra-light and ultra-hydrating, complete with ultra-fast absorption. 

These products are further enhanced by our signature Face Yoga Fitness routines, which are designed to fit into demanding modern lifestyles with ease.