Victoria Adams

Yoga Teacher and Health Coach

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A body and face yoga expert, Victoria’s practice was developed to enhance confidence and facial beauty, with results further optimised using Almora Botanica skincare to achieve an outer glow. 

After decades in the yoga and the financial industries, Victoria helps manage the stress of a modern lifestyle by combining scientifically-proven facial exercise and massage techniques with our Ayurvedic skincare solutions.

"Face Yoga Fitness does it all: brightens, sculpts, tones and firms the skin, as well as boosting circulation, collagen and elastin"

Victoria Adams

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5 minutes with Victoria Adams

What are your top tips to maintain a youthful complexion through face yoga?

Face Yoga Fitness brightens, sculpts, tones, firms skin, boosts circulation, collagen, elastin. Saves time, preps skin for products, minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, lifts, sculpts, strengthens facial muscles. Gua sha gemstones essential for skin health.

What does self care mean to you?

The meaning of self care to me is simple, the challenge is making the time for it! Skincare has become my key tool for wellness, because it slows me down and forces me to take a moment to pause and breathe in positivity through thoughts and whatever I choose to put on my skin, whether it’s a facial oil or a facial tool. Face Yoga and massage are my key self care practices, that I can do anywhere, anytime, in just 3 minutes.

How do you take care of your skin in the winter?

I have sensitive skin, which can become very dry in the colder months. As long as I keep my water intake and skincare routine consistent, my skin retains its resilience. For a boost, I apply moisturiser as well as facial oil to hydrate my skin when practicing a few Face Yoga Fitness exercises before bed.

As you travel a lot, what are your travel must haves when on the road?

I like to travel as light as possible, especially since becoming a mum. All-in-one hero products like the Purifying Gel Cleanser helps me to both cleanse and nourish my skin. The Radiance Day Face Oil keeps my skin hydrated, protected and nourished. I will always bring at least one facial sculpting tool - the gua sha gemstones are great to help relieve tension in my neck, palms and feet when traveling.

What was your inspiration for face yoga fitness?

My mum has practiced Facial Fitness since the 1980s, and when you look at her skin you can’t tell her age. I remember giggling as a kid watching her make these strange facial moves and, although it is NEVER too late to start the practice, I just wish I had listened sooner.

What are some personal rituals you use to unwind?

Facial acupressure is a wellness tool that is super effective and can be instantly calming. I use my fingers or a beauty tool to activate energy points in the face that offer a multitude of benefits, especially helpful for headaches or migraines.

What does your beauty routine consist of?

Since I travel a lot, I keep it simple: the products that make it into my regular skincare routine have got to be true heroes. A gentle but effective cleanser that doesn’t dry out my skin (Purifying Gel Cleanser has blown my other products out of the beauty cabinet), a gentle exfoliator, Vitamin C mixed with moisturiser, and of course the Radiance Day Face Oil, morning, day or night.

What advice do you have for beginners looking to start a face yoga practice?

Try it for 3 minutes, 3 days in a row - when you look in the mirror on Day 4, you will see the positive difference it makes and you’ll never look back. You can find plenty of classes on or Instagram @almora.botanica.