Ksenijia Selivanova

Face Sculpting & Massage Specialist

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Most renowned as @the_moments, face yoga and massage expert, Pilates instructor, holistic beauty and wellbeing advocate, Ksenijia has amassed an impressive 380k followers across her social media platforms. She regularly shares facial yoga and massage techniques that provide tension-relieving, lifting, sculpting and plumping results for a youthful, glowing complexion and balanced mind.

"Make Face Yoga a Habit Rather Than a Special Treat"

Ksenijia Selivanova

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5 minutes with Ksenijia Selivanova

What are your top tips to maintain a youthful complexion thru face yoga?

Hydration from inside and out is one of the key elements for healthy glowing skin. Making sure to drink plenty of water and nourish your skin with the right products. Most important thing with face yoga and face massage is consistency.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care means carving out time in the day for little rituals that nourish our body and mind. Be it taking your time to make a delicious cup of tea or taking 5 minutes in the evening in bed to massage your shoulders.

How do you take care of your skin in the winter?

I up my intake of essential fatty acids. That could be supplemented by Omega 3,6 supplements or by eating more oily fish and nuts. I also choose a richer moisturiser or oil in the colder months to protect from the elements. And SPF. Always.

As you travel a lot, what are your travel must haves when on the road?

A good hand cream is a must. I love Almora Botanica’s Restorative Hand Cream. It is so hydrating, but sinks into the skin beautifully without leaving steaks or my skin feeling greasy. A facial mist or spray for that quick boost of hydration. And a good lip balm.

What are some personal rituals you use to unwind?

A warm bath, a hot cocoa with some adaptogenic powders, a slow self-massage and maybe a guided meditation.

What does your beauty routine consist of?

I change my routine through the year according to the time of the year and I try to be observant and reactive to what my skin needs at different stages of the month. I always double cleanse in the evening, followed by a toner. Then it’s time for a serum and that really depends on what my skin needs that day - hydration, exfoliation, brightening. I then apply my moisturiser or an oil. Spf is the last step in the morning.

What advice do you have for beginners looking to start a face yoga practice?

Just begin. That’s the hardest part. Try to include it into your skincare application morning or evening and then it will become a natural part of your daily routine. Make it a habit, rather than a special treat.

Can you share any success stories from individuals who have seen significant improvements in their skin thru consistent face yoga?

I have a lot of followers and clients that have been practicing with me for years and the benefits range from the obvious improves lines, wrinkles, sculpted jawlines to improved mental health and wellbeing. Creating small rituals like that can boost your mood, give you purpose when you struggle to find one and nourish the feeling of self-love and appreciation for your body

How does face yoga complement traditional skincare routines and does it really work?

I would say to see real benefits you need to be consistent with both. Face yoga and massage work with deeper layers of your skin and tissues, whereas skincare is a topical product. So in combination they do not only improve your skin, but also release tension, tone and sculpt,