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A face yoga pioneer, Danielle trained at the British School of Yoga, where she completed multiple diplomas before developing The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method,now a best-selling book. Combining face exercises derived from yoga with science-backed facial toning research, her techniques are so effective that she shares her knowledge through her very own accredited Face Yoga certification course.

"My Tips for Healthy Skin? Daily Face Yoga, Great Skincare and Hydration!"

Danielle Collins

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5 minutes with Danielle Collins

What are your tips and tricks for glowing skin?

Daily Face Yoga, great skincare and hydration. I am also a great believer in how we feel on the inside giving us glowing skin. So using positive affirmations and breathwork are also essential for helping my skin look great.

What does self care mean to you?

Self care means being in the present moment. It means being fully mindful of my breath, my body and my mind. It means giving myself the permission to take things slower and surrender to the moment.

How do you take care of your skin in the winter?

I find in winter my hands get a lot drier due to cold weather and central heating so I add a richer hand cream into my routine. I also make the most of the colder darker evenings to use facial tools and have a longer skin pampering session in my cosy pyjamas!

What are some personal rituals you use to unwind?

Face Yoga and skincare of course! I also love doing Yoga and walking in nature. Taking a bath is also an important part of my daily ritual. I also start and finish each day listing what I am grateful for.

What advice do you have for beginners looking to start a face yoga practice?

Start small! Just take 1-2 minutes each day and start with a few Face Yoga exercises, perhaps as part of your skincare routine. Once these become a habit, build up to a longer Face Yoga routine when you can.