"Almora Botanica launches with natural adaptogenic skincare offering" - April 2023

"Almora Botanica, a new natural skincare brand that combines Ayurvedic teachings with modern science and adaptogenic ingredients, has launched for the first time. 

The brand has launched with seven products to help prevent and repair skin damage, including a Purifying Gel Cleanser, Hydrating & Resilience Face Lotion, Radiance Day Face Oil, Nourishing Night Face Oil, Restorative Night Face Oil, Serum for Fine Lines, and Restorative Hand Cream.

The formulations contain 98.5% to 100% natural ingredients, sourced from the "highest quality and cleanest possible sources". One key source location for the ingredients is Almora, a region in the Himalayas, which is famous for its biodiversity.

Using adaptogenic ingredients, such as borage seed and centella asiatica leaf extract, the products work to strengthen collagen networks, smooth skin surfaces and maintain epidermal balance, whilst moisturising and nourishing the skin.

In particular, the brand's plant-based adaptogenic retinol extracted from molecularly distilled organic sunflower oil is used in products such as the Nourishing Night Face Oil.

Taking a holistic approach to skincare, Almora Botanica is also encouraging consumers to combine the treatment of skin with meditation and face yoga; combating stress and promoting skin renewal.

As part of this, the brand has launched a series of online workshops with face yoga expert and author Danielle Collins, who has crafted exclusive routines especially for use with Almora Botanica products.

Ravi Prasad, Co-Founder of Almora Botanica, said: “I wanted to develop the cleanest and purest line of skincare products possible, boasting the highest quality of Ayurvedic and adaptogenic ingredients validated by modern science. Together with my team, I deeply believe in the renaissance of integrative medicinal approach for prevention, restoration and rejuvenation.""

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